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Yes, this must be the largest keyboard of the world :-)


What is M.I.P. music in progress?

M.I.P. music in progress is a project of hans taeubler who started playing piano and keyboards as youth getting early familiar with composing and arranging music using digital music equipment while he starts a career as it-professional. At present hans taeubler is also into composing ambient sound tracks and original music scores producing them under the name of M.I.P. music in progress.

What can M.I.P. music in progress do for me?

Whether you need an ambience sound track for an art performance or documentary, a single jingle or a complete score for your game / multimedia application or short film / motion picture - M.I.P. music in progress will provide you with state of the art sound composed to an unique sounding score supporting your artwork.

Why composing an unique score?

There is already enough music and ambience score out there providing good scores for tons of films. But, if you are unhappy how existing music or ambience sound fits into your artwork it is time to start developing an unique sounding score for your artwork.

How do you know, which kind of music
or sound can support my artwork?

M.I.P. music in progress composes music and ambience sound tracks based on almost all musical styles or combinations of them. It is up by you to provide a general direction of your artwork's mind and it is up by M.I.P. to support this mind. Of course, you also can lean back and let M.I.P.'s creativity decide which kind of style will support your artwork best.

Can I choose scores from an existing library?

Definitly no - The principle idea behind M.I.P. music in progress is developing an unique score instead of simply providing already made scores. Developing an unique score for your artwork means "interacting", "interfering" with it, not just simply mixing all together. So your unique artwork stays unique in view of sound and music too.

How does M.I.P. music in progress sounds like?

Well, unfortunately it is hard to describe the sound of music. But you will find some examples of M.I.P. music in progress either as sample fragments on the demo page or as freemusic on the freemusic page.

How do I get M.I.P. music in progress
sound for my artwork?

A simple question, a simple answer: Just send an email to with further information on your project or artwork. You can also gather more information about producing an unique score by M.I.P. music in progress for your artwork on the production page.

It should be mentioned, that M.I.P. music in progress is willing to support non-profit-organizations by providing them with ambient soundtracks or music scores on a "no or limited fee" basis per project. So do not hesitate to ask for it.









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